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kgio - kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby

kgio provides non-blocking I/O methods for Ruby without raising exceptions on EAGAIN and EINPROGRESS. It is intended for use with the unicorn Rack server, but may be used by other applications (that run on Unix-like platforms).



The library consists of a C extension so you'll need a Unix-like system with a C compiler and Ruby development libraries/headers. You may install it via RubyGems.org:

gem install kgio

You can get the latest source via git from the following locations (these versions may not be stable):

git://repo.or.cz/kgio.git (mirror)

You may browse the code from the web and download the latest snapshot tarballs here:

See the HACKING guide on how to contribute and build prerelease gems from git.


All feedback (bug reports, user/development dicussion, patches, pull requests) go to the mailing list/newsgroup. See the ISSUES document for information on the kgio mailing list

For the latest on kgio releases, you may check our NEWS page (and subscribe to our Atom feed).

We love to hear from you!
Email patches (using git send-email), pull requests (formatted using git request-pull), questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. to us publically at:
Mail archives are available at: http://bogomips.org/kgio-public/
Please send plain-text email only and do not waste bandwidth on HTML mail, HTML mail will not be read.
Quote as little as reasonable and do not top post.
For sensitive topics, email us privately at: kgio@bogomips.org