pcu - Page Cache Utilities

This package contains command-line utilities for viewing/managing the kernel page cache.

See manpages for the individual commands for more details. Neither command requires privileges other than read access to the files specified on the command-line.


You may also browse the source code or obtain tarballs from cgit or gitweb:


Please direct all bug reports/questions/patches/comments to pcu@librelist.com

Mailing list archives are available as gzipped mbox files at http://bogomips.org/pcu/archives/ in addition to the librelist.com-provided Maildir archives at http://librelist.com/archives/pcu/.


You may clone the source repository via git:


pcu is 100% Free Software. Copyright Eric Wong normalperson@yhbt.net and contributors. It is covered under the GNU General Public License, version 2.