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::new #close #each #method_missing #respond_to? #to_path

class Raindrops::Middleware::Proxy

This class is used by Raindrops::Middleware to proxy application response bodies. There should be no need to use it directly.

Public Class Methods

new (body, stats) source

Public Instance Methods

close () source

the Rack server should call this after each (usually ensure-d)

each () { |x| ... } source

yield to the Rack server here for writing

method_missing (*args, &block) source

Avoid breaking users of non-standard extensions (e.g. body) Rack::BodyProxy does the same.

respond_to? (m) source

Rack servers use respond_to? to check for the presence of close and to_path methods.

to_path () source

Some Rack servers can optimize response processing if it responds to to_path via the sendfile(2) system call, we proxy to_path to the underlying body if possible.

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