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authorPat Allan <pat@freelancing-gods.com>2017-05-21 05:33:35 +0000
committerEric Wong <e@80x24.org>2017-05-21 05:38:41 +0000
commitb6ec1891ec6280c186e78ec77b88e6934ca7d653 (patch)
tree08abe34987c44c73cc37a64067eb947b7ec3d75f /clogger.gemspec
parent029d072d420f0adf98c620913fe05eba3222e244 (diff)
Rack (since v2) has started explicitly listing the second
(optional) argument for respond_to?, which matches the
underlying Ruby spec. This patch fixes the calls in both C
and Ruby approaches.

[ew: add test, use rb_obj_respond_to if available]
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