cmogstored - alternative mogstored implementation for MogileFS

cmogstored is an alternative implementation of the "mogstored" storage
component of MogileFS.  cmogstored is implemented in C and does not use
Perl at runtime.  cmogstored is the only component you need to install
on a MogileFS storage node.

Read more about MogileFS at
cmogstored is not directly affiliated with the MogileFS project
nor any commercial interests behind MogileFS.


* low memory footprint, more memory for file system caches
* multithreaded design[1] keeps queues in rotational disks busy
* epoll/kqueue used to cheaply maintain persistent connections
* supports checksumming features in MogileFS::Server 2.60+
* easily installable on modern GNU/Linux and FreeBSD without Perl
* supports HTTP/1.1 persistent connections and pipelining
* supports chunked and partial (Content-Range) HTTP/1.1 PUT requests
* supports partial GET requests
* may reject PUTs based on Content-MD5 header/trailer verification
* graceful shutdown via SIGQUIT will not terminate active requests
* extensive test suite, code coverage and Valgrind-tested

Getting Started

See the INSTALL document for installation and runtime requirements.

cmogstored aims to be mostly command-line and configuration-file
compatible with the Perl mogstored.

cmogstored does not support spawning lighttpd/Apache instances like its
Perl counterpart.

In other cases, you can simply replace "mogstored" with "cmogstored"
in your init scripts and use the same config file.


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Source tarballs suitable for distribution are housed here:


The latest stable release is:

See for release notes

Source code

* git clone
* gitweb ::


cmogstored is licensed under the GNU General Public License, v3 (or later).
Distribution tarballs include LGPL code from the Gnulib project in lib/.
The bsd/*.h compatibility headers are BSD-licensed.
The nostd/* files are Expat/MIT-licensed from the libnostd project
Contributors retain their copyrights to their respective contributions.

This project is not affiliated with the GNU project nor FSF even though
we use their tools and licenses.


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