CMOGSTORED(1)                    User Commands                   CMOGSTORED(1)

       cmogstored - manual page for cmogstored 1.7.1

       cmogstored [OPTION...]

       cmogstored -- alternative mogstored implementation for MogileFS

              Set config file (no default, unlike mogstored)

       -d, --daemonize

              Docroot above device mount points.  Defaults to /var/mogdata

       --httplisten=<ip:port> IP/Port HTTP server listens on

              Number of simultaneous clients to serve. Default 10000

       --mgmtlisten=<ip:port> IP/Port management/sidechannel listens on

              path to PID file

       -?, --help
              give this help list

              give a short usage message

       -V, --version
              print program version

       SIGQUIT  -  gracefully shutdown the server SIGUSR2 - upgrade executable
       on the fly

       Upgrading cmogstored on-the-fly is possible since version  1.2.0.   The
       procedure  is  close  to  the  one  used  by  nginx users: send SIGUSR2
       followed by SIGQUIT to the old process.  Use of SIGWINCH and SIGHUP are
       currently not supported (but may be in the future).  Procedures for the
       nginx          upgrade          are          documented           here:

       malloc(3) implementations  tuned  for  multithreading  speed  (and  not
       memory   usage)  may  cause  large  amounts  of  metadata  overhead  in
       infrequently-used arenas.  While cmogstored may use  many  threads  for
       filesystem I/O, cmogstored is designed to not be dependent on malloc(3)
       performance nor scalability.

       On GNU/Linux systems with glibc, we recommend setting MALLOC_ARENA_TEST
       and  MALLOC_ARENA_MAX  to  low  numbers  to  limit  the  number arenas.
       Setting the value of each to 1 or 2 should be enough, even.

       MOG_IOSTAT_CMD - command-line for invoking iostat(1).  This is used  by
       the  sidechannel  to  report  disk  utilization  to trackers.  Default:
       "iostat -dx 1 30"

       LISTEN_FDS,  LISTEN_PID  -  may  be  used  for   systemd-style   socket
       activation  regardless  of  whether  systemd  is  on  the  system.  See
       sd_listen_fds(3) for more information.  Since cmogstored  supports  two
       protocols  on  different  sockets, the command line or config file must
       still specify which addresses to listen on.  This feature is  available
       in cmogstored 1.5.0 and later.

       CMOGSTORED_FD  -  a  comma-delimited  list of integer file descriptors.
       This is used internally for SIGUSR2 upgrades, but may be  specified  at
       startup  (e.g.  via  env(1))  as  it  is  not  tied  to LISTEN_PID like
       LISTEN_FDS is.  Unlike  LISTEN_FDS,  CMOGSTORED_FD  does  not  rely  on
       inherited file descriptors being contiguous.

       See  MALLOC  TUNING  for  environment variables which may affect memory

       Only bug reports in plain-text email will be read.

       Please email to either the public inbox at (no subscription required):


       (archived at <>)

       or the public MogileFS mailing list (subscription required)


       (archived at <!forum/mogile>).

       Report bugs to

       Copyright    (C)    2012-2019     all     contributors     <cmogstored->

       License:  GPL-3.0+ <>.  This is
       free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO
       WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

       cmogstored   website:  You  can
       learn  more  about  MogileFS  at

       cmogstored source code is available via git:

            git clone

cmogstored 1.7.1                   May 2019                      CMOGSTORED(1)