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class Kgio::Socket

A generic socket class with Kgio::SocketMethods included. This is returned by all Kgio methods that accept(2) a connected stream socket.

Public Class Methods

addr = Socket.pack_sockaddr_in(80, 'example.com')
Kgio::Socket.connect(addr) -> socket
addr = Socket.pack_sockaddr_un("/path/to/unix/socket")
Kgio::Socket.connect(addr) -> socket source

Creates a generic Kgio::Socket object and initiates a non-blocking connection.

This may block and call any method defined to kgio_wait_writable for the class.

new (*args) source

If passed one argument, this is identical to ::connect. If passed two or three arguments, it uses its superclass method:

Socket.new(domain, socktype [, protocol ])
addr = Socket.pack_sockaddr_in(80, 'example.com')
Kgio::Socket.start(addr) -> socket
addr = Socket.pack_sockaddr_un("/path/to/unix/socket")
Kgio::Socket.start(addr) -> socket source

Creates a generic Kgio::Socket object and initiates a non-blocking connection. The caller should select/poll on the socket for writability before attempting to write or optimistically attempt a write and handle :wait_writable or Errno::EAGAIN.

Public Instance Methods

s = Kgio::Socket.new(:INET, :STREAM)
addr = Socket.pack_sockaddr_in(80, "example.com")
s.kgio_fastopen("hello world", addr) -> nil source

Starts a TCP connection using TCP Fast Open. This uses a blocking sendto() syscall and is only available on Ruby 1.9 or later. This raises exceptions (including Errno::EINPROGRESS/Errno::EAGAIN) on errors. Using this is only recommended for blocking sockets.

Timeouts may be set with setsockopt:

s.setsockopt(:SOCKET, :SNDTIMEO, [1,0].pack("l_l_"))

Parent: cSocket

Included modules: mSocketMethods
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