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authorEric Wong <>2014-05-08 22:39:34 +0000
committerEric Wong <>2015-04-22 18:55:09 +0000
commitb62bab09a2288b3d1711deafb45be39db1ddee80 (patch)
parent7087bb7ed5a1b9d9f24069cb92707d086668b6dc (diff)
mlmmj seems quite usable and maintainable, so we'll run it.
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diff --git a/ISSUES b/ISSUES
index bca7f9f..f66d14a 100644
--- a/ISSUES
+++ b/ISSUES
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ submit patches and/or obtain support after you have searched the
 * No subscription will ever be required to email the public inbox.
-* Please Cc: all participants in a thread, as there are no subscribers
+* Please Cc: all participants in a thread, as subscription is optional
 * Do not {top post}[] in replies
 * Quote as little as possible of the message you're replying to
 * Do not send HTML mail, it will likely be flagged as spam
@@ -29,8 +29,14 @@ document distributed with git) on guidelines for patch submission.
 * public:
 * private:
-We operate a {public-inbox}[].
-You may subscribe using {ssoma}[]:
+We operate a {public-inbox}[] which
+feeds the mailing list.  You may subscribe either using
+{ssoma}[] or by sending a mail
+ssoma is a mail archiver/fetcher using git.  It operates in a similar
+fashion to tools such as slrnpull, fetchmail, or getmail.  ssoma
+subscription instructions: