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 * Simple and easy Ruby DSL for configuration.
-* *Development branch* Decodes chunked transfers on-the-fly,
-  this allows upload progress notification to be implemented as well
-  as being able to tunnel arbitrary stream-based protocols over HTTP.
+* Decodes chunked transfers on-the-fly, thus allowing upload progress
+  notification to be implemented as well as being able to tunnel
+  arbitrary stream-based protocols over HTTP.
 == Versions
-{Stable v0.8.4}[]
+{Current v0.90.0}[]
-{Development v0.9.2}[]
+{Old Stable v0.8.4}[]
 == License
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 You may also install it via Rubygems on Rubyforge:
-  gem install unicorn -v0.8.4
+  gem install unicorn
 You can get the latest source via git from the following locations
 (these versions may not be stable):