tag namev4.1.0 (6be2f1b5fb68b8bd71e430285d927cdcad8f2a1a)
tag date2011-08-20 00:33:13 +0000
tagged byEric Wong <>
tagged objectcommit 4f33a71dc2...
unicorn 4.1.0 - small updates and fixes
* Rack::Chunked and Rack::ContentLength middlewares are loaded by default for RACK_ENV=(development|deployment) users to match Rack::Server behavior. As before, use RACK_ENV=none if you want fine-grained control of your middleware. This should also help users of Rainbows! and Zbatery. * CTL characters are now rejected from HTTP header values * Exception messages are now filtered for [:cntrl:] characters since application/middleware authors may forget to do so * Workers will now terminate properly if a SIGQUIT/SIGTERM/SIGINT is received while during worker process initialization. * close-on-exec is explicitly disabled to future-proof against Ruby 2.0 changes [ruby-core:38140]